Arbitration and Mediation

Traditional Arbitration and Mediation Services

Pamela Morgan is a trained mediator and arbitrator. She excels in helping people discover their true interests during negotiation and working with them to design creative solutions that will both meet their goals and resolve the dispute. All mediation and arbitration hearings are confidential unless the parties agree otherwise.

Contact her for more information.

Building Smart Contract Dispute Resolution Services

Pamela is leading the Decentralized Arbitration and Meditation Network project. The project mission is to provide a broad alternative dispute resolution platform to serve digital currency and asset markets. Learn more about the project on github.

If you’re a lawyer, legal service provider with experience in ADR, or developer wanting to participate in the project – please contact us.

Drafting Arbitration and Mediation Clauses for Your Contracts

We can draft a strong, specific, and tailored mediation and/or arbitration clause to include in your terms and conditions, contractor or founder agreements, and any other agreements where you’d like to use arbitration or mediation as an alternative to traditional court systems.

Build Your Own Arbitration and Mediation Clause for use in Your Contracts: using the AAA clause builder

  1. Decide if you want mediation only, first or both
  2. Choose substantive and procedural law (expedited procedures?)
  3. Choose an administrator, if you want one
  4. Number of arbitrators
  5. Place of arbitration (video conferencing?)
  6. Language to be used (English?)
  7. Method of selecting arbitrators (who chooses, what if you can’t agree?)
  8. Arbitrator qualifications
  9. Information exchange
  10. Documents only hearing
  11. Duration of arbitration proceedings
  12. Confidentiality
  13. Appeal